The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world and one of the most effected field is education which has changed dramatically, with the eminent rise of e-learning.
The need of online education has its utmost importance for all the students for completing their studies despite the fact that they couldn’t go to school anymore. A lot of online platforms have emerged as lifesavers for teaching, taking tests, face to face interactions, but, what happens when one wants to take admission without getting out of their home. For this particular reason, features like online admission come in front. One of the foremost characteristic of online admission is that there is no need for students to get out of their home as they can go to site of their preferred college, apply for admissions, submit fees and join the upcoming batch without any difficulty. Taking the steps ahead in this extraordinary proposition, we’ve made an online educational site for Harish Chandra Intermediate College, where students can apply for admissions, submit their fees, and gather all information required about their college as well as their studies. In these struggling times, we, as the torch bearer of the future generations, understand the importance of education and also how it is going to change the future of our country. We understand how important it is to cherish our future leaders with the potion of education and that’s why we will try our best to keep them well prepared and well educated.